Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Merry Christmas from the Ridge!

From this WV ridge the Family Eddy wish you and yours a Merry Christmas!

This photo was taken on a foggy WV day but the distance shown in the photo of our WV hills brings pleasure. The valleys are to the right and left of this photo, the houses are on a plateau, and the photo was taken from the hilltop.

The cellar house to the rear of our home has a wee bit of wool stored in it.

This date 12-12-12 is a special one for our family.  Twelve days before Christmas and one of our Grandsons is 12 years old today.   Huge hugs to Reece!

Celebrations of Christmas and friends continue.  This photo is of the gathering of friends and members of the Daughters of the American Revolution Chapter in our area.  Veterans were honored at this luncheon. 

Thank you to our Veterans and to those who protect and serve.

Returning home from a gathering of the Buckeye Rug Hooking Guild, this post card ad was awaiting.  The happy hooker you see at the top left looks a lot like me.....wait...I have a shirt just like that! 

from CR to G/ma
One of the best gifts that you can give or receive at Christmas is demonstrated in this photo..... 


May your heartaches be eased by family and friends. May your love be never ending and Christmas joy be shared by those you know and those you do not know.

From Pip, and myself.....Merry Christmas.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Country Living in Columbus OH

Country Living Fair came to Columbus over the weekend.  The Buckeye Rug Hooking Guild had a wonderful demo going on with many of the gals in attendance.  Before the rush hit I managed to take a few photographs....once the gates were open it was high activity......people everywhere!

Smiling faces!

Wonderful art rugs!

Shirley, my cow and I were seated on the right front.  She has been neglected for quite some time as I worked on other rugs.  Usually a smaller frame would have been more convenient but I decided it was her turn.  As we walked through the crowd she was bundled in a carrying tote.  I wondered if she looked a bit like a body I was carrying around.  The night before it was late evening as I arrived at the hotel. I took a tour of downtown Columbus(oops), until Thomas (aka Tom Tom) assisted me on to the hotel.

When the next group of rug makers arrived it was time to tour the Country Living Fair for my first visit.  It was my kind of day, spending time with active and creative women, answering questions and urging those with an interest to go for it! .......then looking at things being created and items of the past with histories of their own....ummm did I mention the food, and shopping.

Sometimes the Country does come to the city :)

Try rug hooking memories.....have a good week!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Foggy Crow Morning

Good morning!  The garlic chives are in bloom this foggy morning on the Ridge.  As this photo was taken I could hear the crows talking :)

Sauder Village Garden

Sauder Village in Bloom

 It was a lovely week at Sauder Village Rug Hooking in northwestern Ohio.

It gave us all a chance to meet and make new friends from the US, Canada and beyond.
The Grand Canyon
 The Celebration rugs were in attendance, and many many other wonderful rugs, bed rugs, chair's covered with wool, 3 D rug hooking, and Tavern Rugs.  Mary Jo's original design The Grand Canyon is pictured above.  It was my pleasure to meet her this past week. There was a gathering with a few of the Yahookers (Yahoo Rug Hookers list ladies :) , a few minutes with Lauren who has wonderful fun jewelry made from spoons, an old friend Barbara that I met at one of my first rug hooking camps.....
Buckeye Rug Hooking Guild friends!

This will become a cube footstool....someday!  The hooking was done in an 8 cut of wool.  Diane Stoffel was the instructor for this class and a wonderful class it was.  Most of my color preference is based on country colors...I asked to step out of that and step it up a bit.  This is going to be fun!

It feels like a fall morning....I must go play catch up!  Happy Hooking everyone!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Missed Spaces?

 The lights, water and air conditioning
returned gracefully, and gratefully, on the 11th day.  Others were without longer and had so much more damage.
These old trees weathered the storm of June 29th.

It has been difficult getting to my blog this morning.  We are country, therefore must utilize satellite and our mail is controlled by google...I am here, so I did make it but please let me know if anyone else is having difficulties.

 Very special visitors arrived is amazing that constant movement!...Photo's are blurred more than not!

Great beans!

The fractur that I started at Cedar Lakes with instructor Susan Feller is done. The few spaces in the back will be filled in today, and the rug will be steamed.  Checking often by laying the rug down on a flat surface prevents packing it too tight. 

A special hello today goes to a friend and speed hooker, bead maker, doll restorer, and simply all around talented lady... who has also gone sky high in a balloon! Hi Mary Beth!

There is much catching up to do here, and Pip will continue to do what he does the best.......

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4th of July on this WV Ridge

WV Ridge Storm 29 June 2012

June 29, 2012 the storm came through.  Those working long hours to restore the electricity are battling the heat as well.  This 4th of July evening 2012 it is 101.1 on the ridge at 6:30 pm.  The generator is running so this house has water and electric.

 Prayers are ongoing for those who are out working,and to those awaiting the restoration of their electric. 

Admiration for my ancestors, and memories pre AC abound. 

Reading with a book light, rug hooking in the light of day, the pleasures of an air conditioned car, and most of all family......this has indeed been a memorable 4th of July! 

.......turning to the left, after the top photograph was taken!

Keep safe ...Keep cool...  Happy 4th...

.....and Happy Birthday to my Grandson!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Where Are Norma's Rugs????

Please be aware these rugs are missing.  Hand hooked works of art, and someone decided they wanted them.  They did not work on these rugs for hours, their heart felt labor is not in these rugs.  Perhaps the person/persons who took these are regretting it and if that is so, there should be some way for them to be returned.  I suppose it could happen....they could appear at the Church they were taken from perhaps.

I dream, I like to think well of everyone.  Please keep these rugs in your mind's eye and notify Norma Batastini if you see them.  ......................................

There was no rain in site the morning I started painting the deck.  It took me two days....ok, I'm a bit slower now than a few years ago :)  It rained 4 hours after I was finished...didn't ask me...just decided to rain.  The rain caused to no when my husband decided to wear his farm boots across it the next day, well he came to no harm was just a fleeting thought ...really.

Today I sent in two applications, one is a new member application, the other is a supplemental (a member who has found another Revolutionary War Patriot).  Genealogy is addictive....helping a person find their ancestors is "cool beans".  The NSDAR is a service organization and information can be found on line.

 My night blooming cyrus had one bloom.  There have been as many as 12 on this old friend of mine.  Early evening it began to open.  Though the later photo isn't a good one, the bloom was full and our house had a wonderful fragrance.  I can see neighbors traveling by horse and buggy to see and celebrate the occasion.  By morning they are wilted....

 The sun was shining on this early this morning when this photo was taken.......Pip and I are changing colors on the rug that will hang above one of the doors. It should be done soon, welllll if I quit changing things.  The room it will be in is a bit dark, with little natural light. 

Pip and I wish you a lovely Summer........

Monday, May 28, 2012

Decoration Day 1912

Today is Memorial Day 2012.  Posted above is a postcard that belonged to my Great Great Aunt of Pleasants County WV.  Decoration Day first began following the Civil War and has continued in to what we have today. Look closely at the medals displayed on the jackets of the gentlemen of the back row.

The above headstone is of Jonathan Bayard Morgan.  His resting place is over looking Fredericksburg.  He died in the "ambulance" according to his Civil War Records.

This small country cemetery overlooks the Middle Island
Creek in Tyler County WV.
Rest well our are remembered.

The new background photo is dedicated in memory of a classmate and friend.  She knew I wanted a mimosa tree and saw that I got one. I know she is watching over her family and friends.

 Cedar Lakes Rug Camp of 2012 was blessed with very nice weather.  To the left you see Susan Feller discussing planning with one of her students,Lanna . Susan's rugs are displayed on the wall.
Below is my sister, Carol, in the pink with other "happy" rug hookers, Susan and Patsy, in Susan's class. The light poured through the windows, the energy flowed, designs were drawn, and smiles and laughter all combined to make this a wonderful experience.  With only one problem: it was over too soon!
I wanted to share photos of the rug show but the photographs were so unlike the rugs, soooooo..... Watch out for Teresa Nieberding and her Peacock art rug!  There were wonderful rugs in this show of all sizes and colors!  

 WV hay time....

and a deck to paint, and since we can't naturalize here without disappearing....ahhhh can Sauder Village and August be far away :)
But as you see Pip has a different view of Summer............hook on!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Shirley's Vacation!

Shirley took a vacation to Myrtle Beach.  However the week's weather was soooo nice she spent most of her time resting on the bed.....the sun, and yes, food called us away often. many jelly fish beached.

A photo of a shy friend.

We got to visit with our daughter and the lovely Lucy.  There are dog people, but in this case Lucy is a dog-person!  Don't you love the way she sits on the couch?

It's Spring on the WV ranch. There is some catching up to do following our get away.  There is a deck to paint, some landscaping to do.  I'm working on genealogy to assist members in to our DAR Chapter and looking forward to DAR Conference.  Also there is a High School Class reunion ....our small town doubles in size for the long weekend...
And soon, very soon, joining my sister for her first Rug Hooking Camp.  OK, I admit, I'm behind .....and am truly looking forward to the catching up!

Photo taken by "my husband" :)
 Blessings to all ..... I'll be back....sometime....Happy Spring!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Ahhhh Spring!

The Spring Hook In of the Buckeye Rug Hookers Guild ....held in Ohio at the Loveland Artists was a wonderful beginning to the rug hooking year!

 Carol, my sister, and I traveled 4 hours and 20 minutes to join the fun and meet and visit with the BRHG members and friends.  The view out of our window at the hotel was indeed in full bloom. 
Carol and a few chairs :)

On the way back to West Virginia...across the state of Ohio....we stop for antiques.  The photo above is one of two hand made rugs that we spotted.  I do not know the pattern.  If you do please write in and tell us.
We loved the unique colors on our friend above.  I have seen many peacocks hooked in rugs, now I see the colors up close and personal I understand the force behind the patterns.  Carol took this photo.

On the home front, here are the blooms that have graced our yard for as long as our home has been here.  They bloomed earlier this year than I can ever remember.

This sentinel of our home was weary and we said good bye to him before a strong wind or storm could fell him and damage our home.  This tree will truly be missed by the family.
Zoom through the window....hanging bird feeder.
 May you have a wonderful Spring and all the time you need to work outside and enjoy the blooms!   Ahhh, but don't forget to pick up your hook.