Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Shirley's Vacation!

Shirley took a vacation to Myrtle Beach.  However the week's weather was soooo nice she spent most of her time resting on the bed.....the sun, and yes, food called us away often. many jelly fish beached.

A photo of a shy friend.

We got to visit with our daughter and the lovely Lucy.  There are dog people, but in this case Lucy is a dog-person!  Don't you love the way she sits on the couch?

It's Spring on the WV ranch. There is some catching up to do following our get away.  There is a deck to paint, some landscaping to do.  I'm working on genealogy to assist members in to our DAR Chapter and looking forward to DAR Conference.  Also there is a High School Class reunion ....our small town doubles in size for the long weekend...
And soon, very soon, joining my sister for her first Rug Hooking Camp.  OK, I admit, I'm behind .....and am truly looking forward to the catching up!

Photo taken by "my husband" :)
 Blessings to all ..... I'll be back....sometime....Happy Spring!