Thursday, July 28, 2011

Stopping Point.....

The second cutting of hay was bailed yesterday.  DH keeps I have a grand yard for a short while to look at out my window!

I've been cutting some recycled wool the past few days. Using the electric scissors that my Mother gave me many years ago, and a newer pair from my ds and dil has made the process so much easier.  Shown below is the work table that we made out of an old set of water bed drawers, plywood and wall board that you see in some bathrooms, etc.  I switched out the knobs and utilized knobs from an older wooden desk and I'm all set to go.  The "gizzard bag" as one teacher named it, is a child's cradle I found in an old building attic that we had.  I put all the bits and pieces that I might find a need for or to share.  The hooked doll (Lil) sits a midst  the woolies, along with her friend who doesn't seem to be happy with all that wool in this July heat!

 Ummm, I could work on some shelves I see!
Now "the stopping point".....
 double check for needed fill in's after having finished a rug. Hooking too tight, too packed equals an uneven rug, but wide holes in the foundation isn't good for the wear of the rug either. I do this on my lap, looking at the back side and filling in with the needed wool, never taking the rug back to my frame. The steaming has been completed and the finishing of the edges are yet to be done.  This rug was done on burlap and I choose to fold and hem in this case for this Deanne Fitzpatrick style rug. It is not as uneven as it appears...blame the photographer<g>. The changes have been made, the house was repainted :O) and as in every rug we do I have reached the end point. my kitchen is yelling my name, it's in dire distress...ahhh there's a few bits of wool here and there as well! 
 Hook happy thoughts!


Saturday, July 23, 2011


We Have Style”

We have: fast hookers and slow hookers
and hookers on the go.
We have: hookers in the know
and hookers hanging the show.
We have: quiet hookers and
hookers who dance and sing.
We have: picky hookers and loose hookers :o)
and all those in between.

We have All style of Hookers but what we faithfully share: each rug is handmade with much love and thoughtful care!

lle 2011

Friday, July 22, 2011

Red Sky at Night

As darkness and fog move in this sky was suppose to delight the was pleasing to me so I ran to get my camera.  If you look closely you can see the electric lines. The high wires of the electric grid cut through our land and walking through the grass underneath these you will feel the power as it bites your legs. 

 My husband's father was amazing with horses as pictured above.  Genealogy is on my mind this week as research continues with a family we are trying to trace back to the Revolutionary War.  Spending hours in the Courthouse at the beginning of the week, and continuing computer research has been enjoyable.  The brain needs a break, so rug hooking with the "Ladies of the Wool" tonight will bring my calm back to me! 

May you take time to stop and appreciate the flowers.......
..........or stop and smell them as Pip is doing!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Just Sayin' !

Just sayin' a wool heart felt thank you to Alice and Folk Art Primitives!

Had two happy happenings for a Monday....below is a photo of my wool I won at Alice's blog site. She also included some ribbon and a piece of her hand dyed skin tone wool.

The colors are better than represented here. You know a rug hooker when she stands there and loves the touch of fine wool :O) Thanks Alice!

The other joy of today:  sitting here listening to :  Pale Moonlight Blues by Chris Clarke
Check out his web's worth the visit!

Tip for the day:  You can rug hook and talk at the same time.... you need not worry about counting loops!!
Have a good week!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Pushing Towards Completion

Good Friday morning to you and yours.  On this ridge the storms are passing overhead, but the cattle are calm.  Thankfully there is no scent of a visiting black with white striped critter who has been just too near for comfort lately.  I hope they soon realize that there is simply too much activity here for their comfort and go on to a quieter neighborhood!  If "they" stay around much longer I'm going to have to name "them".... that is too familiar for my comfort!

I'm pushing myself to complete one of the three rugs I have in progress.  The photo isn't a true color representation due to the flash. When this rug is completed a photo from outside in natural light would be better.  Looking at your rug in natural light is always better.  This rug will be finished w/o binding or whipping, simply because of the feeling that that is the way to complete it.

This rug happens to be mine!  I am near completion with rugs for all our children.  Other work has been done in between, but the rugs, with their names on the back will be done with one of the unfinished rugs still in progress.

The closing photo is a sugar maple that has out lived it's life span.  I'm wishing it a graceful goodbye with this post.

As always your comments are welcome. May you pull a few loops today...