Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Sock, The Walk

This has been an active Fall so far.

Magic Loop method
Ahhhhh, repaired desktop!


The desktop computer was repaired @ 8:00 am this morning, thanks Thom.  The laundry started, dishes done, knitting on my second sock (this time the magic loop method!), dh getting wood in because it will be a cool weekend on this ridge.
dh bringing the fireplace wood in...

A walk along the ridge road I mention occasionally.

When in doubt...just look up.

Mate checking the overhanging rocks

Horse Shoe Bend; to the "ol' timers" Mule Shoe Bend!

 When life throws you curves, the best may be just around the next bend.

Never give up!

Rug hookers never hurry any where, unless it's to the next camp!

Happy #rughooking!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

the real dirt!

WV rain has puddled in the ditch that my dh has worked on the past few days.  After many years of maintaining a natural gas line to our home we are now converting to propane.  The work continues, Fall seems to have slammed in to us a bit early with dampness and a chill in the air.  This Friday may be the date but Mother Nature is the true decision maker!

the real dirt!

As I stand back and look at this majestic buck I'll return to soften some of the lines and add a touch more shadow to the first antler that I have hooked.  Trying to decide the lay of the land (well grass) at this time may result in the "just do it" category!

Though doing what Pip has decided to do this rainy day has its merits, I have a date to remove some wool dust and dream about the ATHA Biennial!  Happy rug hooking!
just a little cat nap

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Four Stars

Four Stars = Four flights

We remember.  To each one affected by the events of September 11, 2001.....we remember.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Work in Progress

Garlic Chives

The chives are certainly enjoying the benefits of the weather. Rain on this WV ridge will continue all week. I can say that it is mostly "Lee's" fault! :O) This is a chance to continue working on my rug in progress.  My rug hooking method may not work for everyone.  I hook, then look, hook, then look again. Getting away from the hooking, taking a break, but placing my rug in the same room where I am. It allows time to envision what you do want to do and makes for a happier rug and a happier you!

Even working to please someone else you must also be content.
I leave the things I am going to change for awhile, do some hooking surrounding the area. Then later change it when the decision is made. The photo above is indeed a work in progress.  

 Pip and I had a visit from the lovely Lucy this past weekend.  If Lucy could have visited a couple more days I believe these two would have been friends for life.  Pip told me to tell our daughter and grandson that Lucy is always welcome to visit in his home.

There are special prayers going out to a special lady today.  She was my first grade school teacher and she took a trip....not the fun kind of trip.  Her fall resulted in injuries but she is returning home from the hospital today.

I'm happy to have comments.  May you pull some loops today......