Friday, December 16, 2011

Merry Christmas

The snow has not arrived on this WV ridge.....yet.

But we've had a bit of Christmas season fog.....

From the Eddy family, with Pip and Mate....

We wish you a very Blessed Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Let December Begin!

We're off and running.....right in to December.  Let me introduce you to our family.  This gathering took place on Thanksgiving and we were only missing four.  Now what is a photograph without everyone????
So one of the family decided to add the missing four and we felt so much better once the photo was revised!  They were in our hearts, so the doctored photo shows that! :O)

We all sat down Friday night to watch WVU play and Lucy the lovely decided that we just won by a nose...perhaps a human's nose though!

the ohio buck
So slow am I! There is no excuse.  I work that way and it suits me.  I have one small area to complete and am still tweaking, his hand, the grass in areas, holes to fill, etc.  I'm as near as I will ever be to getting his face as I want it to be.  It is a "stand back and look at his face" rug.  Up close and you will never see him. 

There will be a slender brown border. I may marry a variety of brown wool on top of the stove, to carry this border.  My son and daughter in law made a decision not to frame it.  After I have completed the finishing work they will use carpet tack strips cut to the correct size and hang it that way. The tacks on the top strip heading up, and if a bottom strip is used, those tacks head towards the floor. As long as this method is done in an out of the way place so no injuries can occur, it is my favorite way to display a rug.

The wind is blowing the colder weather towards this WV ridge.  December is near!
Happy and warm Rug Hooking to you.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a lovely sunset the other evening ...and as I took this photo a chorus of coyote began to speak to one another down in the valley.  
Getting ready for family to arrive and fill this home with love and laughter....thinking of soup.....and delicious  meals, the joys of family. What each of us have to be thankful for, though it is as varied as we are as individuals. You are welcome to list yours in the comment section. So as we begin this week.....

Friday, November 11, 2011


From the past; the present; the our Veterans: Thank You!

Friday, November 4, 2011

"What's in a name?"

The girls are heading to new homes today.  I always miss seeing them right outside my window, watching them play, watching them move as a group.

This week was a visit with the past.  My sister and I visited great grandmother's grave yesterday.  She rests near a small country Church in an area where her family lived since the early 1800's.

We then traveled on to a country store....still in operation after many years.  We were allowed to take a few photographs and look through the ledgers that were all a part of this store's

the past....

......and today.

 This leads me to the thought "what's in a name?"... The history and stories behind the names.   Not too far from my home is an area called Ripntuck Road.  The story behind this name was as follows:  A family with two sisters lived in this area and between them they had one good dress, not their every day clothing.  Of the two sisters, one was tall and slender, the other a bit shorter and weighing more.  Whenever one of the sisters needed to travel to town they needed to rip and/or tuck the one dress.

Please write if you have an unusual name of an area near you.  Is there history behind the name?  When you are traveling an area do you take notice of the names?

As the work continues ....the antlers are coming along!

  And to each of you have a happy rug making weekend,,  restful, or both......whatever you require!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

....just a Chili day....

It's definitely Chili today! The soup will soon be on and then I decide whether to bake cookies or wool and onion skins!  Less calories with the latter :)
When shopping in Lancaster I found a lucet.  Now I had heard the word but did not know exactly what it involved.  Loving hand made and woods I couldn't resist this hickory lucet.  Research was necessary for the historical value....the lucet was used by the Vikings.  The result is a 4 sided very strong rope that had many various clothing, in work, jewelry, etc.  Though easy to accomplish, small enough to carry along with work is ummmm a tad uneven.  Now I have to be on the look out for an antique version!
Here are a few UnFinishedObjects on my bench.  What a joy it is to take rug hooking classes and learn, but with most comes the "next" project to complete.  Complete them I must ....then there are the patterns that are dancing in my head....

Reversed hooking, or pulling out, is necessary as I stand back, look and realize that there is no other option. The grass is being reworked, Joe's hand will be rehooked, and then I will start on the second antler.

Enjoy your weekend....may you get some rug time in!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Renewed & Inspired!

The ATHA hooked sign greeted visitors from all over the world to the Biennial.

It was a wonderful experience to see Yahookers, Phyllis, Diana, Gene, Heidi, Mr. T (who is a favorite blogger of mine!), but so sorry to have missed Ivi! (She was there for I saw a photo of her with Gene!),MizT, Barb and Fritz.....  I happily met Rugs and Pugs blogger Lauren as I found my way to her lunch table Saturday!  It was the largest biennial to date with over 600 in attendance ....

The class with Jule Marie Smith was fun and the lolly mat she had for us will not only be a joy to work on, it will be a learning experience to select the correct side by side colors that will make the mat pop! I'll hook the next colors before I decide to change or pull out and rehook a color.

Nancy Parcels dyeing class was just the best.

There was hands on experience which is always a plus.  To the right is Sue helping Nancy.  Notice the large plastic covering the counter tops!

The Saturday tour of the Landis Valley Farm was special.  Knowing a group of "rug makers" were heading their way, they displayed their antique hooked rugs and hooks.  We were shown the freezer that is 20 degrees below 0 to get rid of any unwanted visitors within the furniture and textiles.The silverfish require two visits in to the freezer as they survive the first visit!

With luck my hooks will look like this some day if used often enough.
The Landis Hotel and the stately sycamore that guards it.  We were invited in for cider and sticky buns...yummm. I would have enjoyed stepping back and staying one night.

.......But perhaps only visiting the stone tavern on the site....umm, the sheets were not often changed in that era!  BTW, one of my ancestors was indeed a tavern and ferry owner.

Meet Norma Jean, the table favor I won.  She was hooked by Lelia Ridgway of the Brandywine Rug Hooking Guild! I especially looked for a bent hook from Gene Shepherd to ease wrist discomfort while hooking. My roommate found wool to dye on sale and shared with me...thank you Sue!  ...and on arriving home I found a box of Pendleton wool a relative sent to me from Montana! 

Pip liked my new hook! to those I knew, to those I met, and to those reading this blog....may you have a wonderful week of renewal and inspiration!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Witch-le Ways

Hello everyone!  Fall is such a busy time of year here.  The calves were allowed in the of my favorite sites, rug hooking and watching them out our windows.  Here is the view!

Thanks to Lauren of Rugs and Pugs I have adjusted my comments to pop up.  Perhaps it will become easier for those wishing to comment to do so....I hope so... :)

The veggie soup is simmering and my home has a wonderful "soup's on" atmosphere!

Packing is underway for ATHA....I'm making certain that I do not forget Laura's necklace and my Yahooker's pin.

Until I attend my two scheduled classes at the Biennial I will be working on a design of my own.  It's not a large piece and it will be easy to carry along.
Am so looking forward to seeing all those "ahhhhhh" rugs!

Perhaps we'll meet......Happy ATHA, Happy Halloween, and Happy Hooking!

Witch-le Ways

Saturday, October 1, 2011


This evening was a photo surprise for me.  I wanted to share and see what you think?

Do you see her?  Pip does.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Sock, The Walk

This has been an active Fall so far.

Magic Loop method
Ahhhhh, repaired desktop!


The desktop computer was repaired @ 8:00 am this morning, thanks Thom.  The laundry started, dishes done, knitting on my second sock (this time the magic loop method!), dh getting wood in because it will be a cool weekend on this ridge.
dh bringing the fireplace wood in...

A walk along the ridge road I mention occasionally.

When in doubt...just look up.

Mate checking the overhanging rocks

Horse Shoe Bend; to the "ol' timers" Mule Shoe Bend!

 When life throws you curves, the best may be just around the next bend.

Never give up!

Rug hookers never hurry any where, unless it's to the next camp!

Happy #rughooking!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

the real dirt!

WV rain has puddled in the ditch that my dh has worked on the past few days.  After many years of maintaining a natural gas line to our home we are now converting to propane.  The work continues, Fall seems to have slammed in to us a bit early with dampness and a chill in the air.  This Friday may be the date but Mother Nature is the true decision maker!

the real dirt!

As I stand back and look at this majestic buck I'll return to soften some of the lines and add a touch more shadow to the first antler that I have hooked.  Trying to decide the lay of the land (well grass) at this time may result in the "just do it" category!

Though doing what Pip has decided to do this rainy day has its merits, I have a date to remove some wool dust and dream about the ATHA Biennial!  Happy rug hooking!
just a little cat nap

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Four Stars

Four Stars = Four flights

We remember.  To each one affected by the events of September 11, 2001.....we remember.