Monday, March 19, 2012

Ahhhh Spring!

The Spring Hook In of the Buckeye Rug Hookers Guild ....held in Ohio at the Loveland Artists was a wonderful beginning to the rug hooking year!

 Carol, my sister, and I traveled 4 hours and 20 minutes to join the fun and meet and visit with the BRHG members and friends.  The view out of our window at the hotel was indeed in full bloom. 
Carol and a few chairs :)

On the way back to West Virginia...across the state of Ohio....we stop for antiques.  The photo above is one of two hand made rugs that we spotted.  I do not know the pattern.  If you do please write in and tell us.
We loved the unique colors on our friend above.  I have seen many peacocks hooked in rugs, now I see the colors up close and personal I understand the force behind the patterns.  Carol took this photo.

On the home front, here are the blooms that have graced our yard for as long as our home has been here.  They bloomed earlier this year than I can ever remember.

This sentinel of our home was weary and we said good bye to him before a strong wind or storm could fell him and damage our home.  This tree will truly be missed by the family.
Zoom through the window....hanging bird feeder.
 May you have a wonderful Spring and all the time you need to work outside and enjoy the blooms!   Ahhh, but don't forget to pick up your hook.


Rugs and Pugs said...

Lee ~
So glad you had a good time at the hook in. What's on your frame?
So sorry you had to lose your tree.
Pug hugs :)

leLoops said...

Hi Lauren, I took a small design of mine and will post it next's a witch hat chair pad. Easy ro travel with. What are you working on now? I wear my necklace is my ID or dog tags:) Ty for making it!
Happy Spring

Julia said...

How lucky that you went to the hook-in with your sister. I love that peacock. Such a beautiful bird.

Sorry about your old tree having to be cut.

We lost several of our beautiful shade trees a few years ago because they got damaged by the ravage of winter. They posed a hazard and had to be cut. Very sad ...

Hope that the weather keeps on being nice where you live. Hugs. JB