Thursday, January 27, 2011

January Thoughts

She's taught me how to live.  This sister-in-law of mine who is on my mind and in my heart right now.  She has the strength of armies, a deep faith, and a sense of humor to conquer anything.... except ovarian cancer.  She's taught me how to live. Please pray for a cure.  MJB d. 2011 Jan. 29 


Just Prodding Along

The proddy work is on going.  This wool sweater was washed in hot water and dried in the dryer.  I have one sleeve left to cut and will have to fill in the rest with some other sweater wool. I have a wooden proddy tool but the antler that I am using below works well for the thicker sweater wool.  Working from the center out due to the fact that I'm not certain when I'll run out of sweater .....:o) 

Proddy Tool 


  Since it was difficult to remember whether Pip was on his back or on his back then on his back again.....I thought I'd share this one!
Pip's version of the twist!

from a snowy ridge in WV..... hook what you love

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Story Rugs 2

Out the Window
Flurries on the ridge this morning.  This photo is taken out of my family room window...we haven't seen the state road plow for a couple my 4 wheel drive!  

One of the earlier rugs that I designed was the 9 - 11 rug.  I use what I had and that ended up with coat wool, and some wool yarn.....and a slight ripple in the finishing work!

Shadow on Our Heart

The story:  There are 4 stars and they represent the flights, all those with God, all those who were sadden by this act, and those who will carry on forever with this memory.  There are few events that leave shadows on our hearts.  May the strength of those who survived lighten those shadows.

Hook what touches your heart.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Just Prodding Away....

Snow stopped for the day

It snowed off and on all day on the ridge.  I decided to continue working on prodding my second chair pad using a wool sweater that I have already washed.  This chair pad will be given to the friend who gave me several of the sweaters.

I used an 18 inch hoop and some webbing tacked on to the hoop.  I am prodding the edge as I go so there will be no finishing work when I am done. 

The photo below is Pip, helping me work, or making it a bit more challenging...!

Heartfelt prayers go to those families affected by the tragic shootings today.  

Hook what you love, and enjoy what you hook!