Monday, May 28, 2012

Decoration Day 1912

Today is Memorial Day 2012.  Posted above is a postcard that belonged to my Great Great Aunt of Pleasants County WV.  Decoration Day first began following the Civil War and has continued in to what we have today. Look closely at the medals displayed on the jackets of the gentlemen of the back row.

The above headstone is of Jonathan Bayard Morgan.  His resting place is over looking Fredericksburg.  He died in the "ambulance" according to his Civil War Records.

This small country cemetery overlooks the Middle Island
Creek in Tyler County WV.
Rest well our are remembered.

The new background photo is dedicated in memory of a classmate and friend.  She knew I wanted a mimosa tree and saw that I got one. I know she is watching over her family and friends.

 Cedar Lakes Rug Camp of 2012 was blessed with very nice weather.  To the left you see Susan Feller discussing planning with one of her students,Lanna . Susan's rugs are displayed on the wall.
Below is my sister, Carol, in the pink with other "happy" rug hookers, Susan and Patsy, in Susan's class. The light poured through the windows, the energy flowed, designs were drawn, and smiles and laughter all combined to make this a wonderful experience.  With only one problem: it was over too soon!
I wanted to share photos of the rug show but the photographs were so unlike the rugs, soooooo..... Watch out for Teresa Nieberding and her Peacock art rug!  There were wonderful rugs in this show of all sizes and colors!  

 WV hay time....

and a deck to paint, and since we can't naturalize here without disappearing....ahhhh can Sauder Village and August be far away :)
But as you see Pip has a different view of Summer............hook on!