Sunday, July 15, 2012

Missed Spaces?

 The lights, water and air conditioning
returned gracefully, and gratefully, on the 11th day.  Others were without longer and had so much more damage.
These old trees weathered the storm of June 29th.

It has been difficult getting to my blog this morning.  We are country, therefore must utilize satellite and our mail is controlled by google...I am here, so I did make it but please let me know if anyone else is having difficulties.

 Very special visitors arrived is amazing that constant movement!...Photo's are blurred more than not!

Great beans!

The fractur that I started at Cedar Lakes with instructor Susan Feller is done. The few spaces in the back will be filled in today, and the rug will be steamed.  Checking often by laying the rug down on a flat surface prevents packing it too tight. 

A special hello today goes to a friend and speed hooker, bead maker, doll restorer, and simply all around talented lady... who has also gone sky high in a balloon! Hi Mary Beth!

There is much catching up to do here, and Pip will continue to do what he does the best.......


Julia said...

I'm glad that you weathered the storm and those grand babies are such cute little visitors.

I think that I want to be a cat...

JBispecina 3

Kim said...

Your rug is gorgeous.

leLoops said...

Thank you Julia, and yes Pip may just have the right idea.
Hi Kim, thank maiden name was Wagner, so the fractur seemed the way to go :)