Friday, August 26, 2011

Let's ... Celebration XXI

Celebration of Hand Hooked Rugs is now published. If you have your copy, what do you think?
If you do not......go purchase one and take a look at the hand hooked art rugs .....  read the history behind the rugs....their story!
When you do get your copy be certain to vote for your favorites!  Though we cannot vote, one of my favorites is  in Honorable Mention :)

The judging must be difficult...there are many many handsome, exciting rugs being designed and hooked.

Look at the video one rug hooker made as she attended Sauder Village Hooked Rug Show!  I am certain others have posted their photos as well.  I wish I could have attended the show this year.  It seemed varied and full of excitement from the photos that I could see!

XVIII Adaptations
The photo to the left is a section of an older rug from an earlier Celebrations.  I posted it because I like to at least have one photo on my blog!  Plus I didn't have to ask for permission to post this one <g>.

Some has to pressure wash the back deck today....waiting for someone else to do my work hasn't been successful.

May Hurricane Irene decide to be gentle with those in her path.

May you find time to hook a bit today!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

That's My Tale...

 and I'm stickin' to it!!

Not many Grandmother's encourage drawing on the walls....but then there's this g/ma!  I decided that my cellar house wool room needed some pizzazz!
Three grandsons and I headed to the County Fair last week....they loved the fuzzy chickens, and the rides....especially the slide, oh and the ride that I got on with them.  Took my tum 30 mins to calm after that one.

Then off I headed to visit with my sister and her family.  Her cat enjoys the wastebasket retreat like my Pip does...and Nathan and Jade's red heeler pup is just lovely....I love Lucy :O)

 Kim, Carol and I went to the movies Saturday night, ate the zucchini cake rather than popcorn because we were seated in Carol's living room with feet up, laughing and visiting. I had 4 pieces(over 3 days) of Sister's zucchini cake, and came home with a back seat full of home grown veggies.  

Today I gathered some flowers to dry for this winter's decoration.  They hang from a shelf made of antique parts from a school desk. The board is from a sheep barn that had originally been home to someone many years ago.

This photo really is organized, truly, seriously...I mean everything has a place, right where my hand can get to it....I'm nearing the toe in my sock knitting class....I have to face the fact that there may only be one wool sock ever completed....the small noodles of wool in baggies and piles are the rug in progress and temporarily on hold.

  ....and last but never least......
  Pip says that's his tail and he's stickin' to it!

I hope you are in Sauder Village for the rug show......happy rug making!