Friday, June 3, 2011

It's Hay Season!

The rain has finally stopped and it's time to work in the hay.  Ok.... so I just watch my husband work. <g>

Early morning pre work!

......this is just  the beginning.

Early morning in WV.  Today will be a full day. If you do genealogy research you know one of the "to do's" on my list.  The research happening is for someone else to trace her ancestors to the Revolutionary War.  We don't have the connection yet but the search and computer (and travel) work continues.

As the day goes on the grass needs mowed and the trimming needs done so another to do on my list.  Ahhh then there is the eyes on my handsome son that I need to work on....I almost have him.....almost.  Right now posting the rug just isn't an option! One option is to try a wool with a speck of white in it to make his eyes come alive.    

Do you work on more than one rug at a time?  Now I have three started and that is not comfortable for my personality.  So even with outdoor work calling my name I will try to catch up this Summer.

May you find the "calm" by rug hooking, or simply doing what you love to do.


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