Saturday, June 11, 2011

Wristies 4 Rug Hookers

Good morning from the Ranch!  After a lightening display last night, the sun is shining here...perhaps temporarily, but shining!

This will be a short and sweet :O) blog today.  My cellar house wool room is calling me, the great outdoors is calling me, and I know that this day I'll simply call my own.  We all can use a day like that to lift the spirit and make us better people.

I received a gift last evening from my daughter in law.  She sells her handwork on Etsy and has wonderful bling collars for your puppies, large and small. I love her crocheted bonnets for horses to chase away the flies, and she even makes bonnets for those with two legs!.... ok, I'm off topic!   The photo below is of my wristies that she made for me.  They are wonderful for rug hooking to save your arms from the frame pings.  They can be made in cotton or alpaca yarn.  They are a bit more dense and longer to go higher on the arm.  I will use them in the winter months also.  Just look for meddywv on Etsy if you would like to see what she has!
May the sun be shining for you, and even if it isn't may you have a wonderful plan for your Saturday!

ps. my nails aren't often was just one of those days!

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