Thursday, May 26, 2011

Eyes of the Tiger

Three years ago at Sauder Village rug hooking gathering Donna Hrkman had a short class on doing eyes.  The tiger eyes hooking is a result of part of her class.  She was one of two teachers at the Guild meeting this past weekend in Ohio.  We got the see her latest piece of art and the chills came!  There are many wonderful works of art in the rug hooking world but keep your eyes open for Donna's next one. It will make "front page"..just sayin'.

The small town of Sistersville comes alive for a week end when they celebrate SHS Alumni.  The town doubles in size, there are decade class gatherings, the parade, the banquet and just memories everywhere.  They were the Tigers!  (So reason two for the eye of the Tiger posting!)

Guild Spring Weekend

As the Spring Guild meeting nears the end everyone lays down what they were working on and we all check it out!  It's a wonderful way to share (and get the ok to nib!).  This also gives you a chance to see how the different instructors guide the individuals to their best!
The Buckeye Rug Hooking Guild has a web page and more photos will be posted there as well as other information on the guild.

Prayers continue for those affected by disasters ....
Write to me to have your comments...happy hooking!

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