Sunday, April 10, 2011

WV Blooming!

 I was very young, but it was my Mother's birthday and I had to do something special for her.  I slipped to the local store in our small town carrying some change.  I came home with a glass ( oh yes glass) bottle of orange Sunkist in one hand and a hand full of violets in the other.  I still remember my confusion to see my Mother sitting there crying those huge lovely tears.

I understand the beauty of her feelings now and always when I think of her I see her smiling through those tears.


Vintage Double Daffodils
Sunshine and warmth visited West Virginia this Sunday.  We needed it to get our grass growing for the cattle. Yesterday I worked on Shirley quite a lot.  By evening I was fighting a low grade fever and discomfort from surgery.  It seems to come and go, and the days without the discomfort are grand!

The angle of the photo is not good but Shirley's a grand size gal and climbing up to get the right shot will have to wait a day or two!  I can get her on a wall and will do so soon so I can study her a bit.  

I'm to the green grass and ready for that change.  I'm also to the point where I think about how I wish to finish my rug.  This one will be walked on.  The "poo" or "cow pie" if you prefer :O) perhaps should be hooked following the grass but I've decided to do this one backwards so that I can see a bit of shading and where I am heading.  I'll pull out and add grass if necessary.

The Buckeye Rug Hooking Guild Spring gathering will be next month and I am really looking forward to seeing everyone.  My instructor will be Pris Butler and I'll be doing a photo of my son.  The first face hooked rug that I have done.  I'm reading Hooked Rug Portraits by Anne-Marie Littenberg and taking in all that I can.

A special hello to the "Yahoo Rug Hooking List" ....they are gifted sharing rug hookers and it's a wonderful list so if you do not monitor it please do so.
May you learn every day and share what you learn!  Hook on!

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