Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wool Work under Dark Skies

April's Colors on a West Virginia Ridge

Hook-able skies!
We've had wind and a show of unique and varied sky colors this weekend.  The tornadoes have missed our ridge.  Though we do have them, the hills seem to provide a barrier and assistance when they occur. I am sorry for those who were in the way of all the deadly storms yesterday.

I've been reading the blogs concerning rug hooking and though I cannot read all those I would like to, I try to do a few each day.  It just seems to bring those who hook rugs closer together.

Today my husband and his son worked with the calves and cattle.  Shots, tagged them and other necessary work was done.  My part was to locate some of the needed items...then I worked on Shirley!
Sweety Pie Cow
My rug initially entitled "Sweety Pie Cow" and whether she will continue with that title or not is another decision that must be made.  AKA Shirley is advancing as I spend time with her. The grass is starting to grow.  The dark and lightest of the grass is being evenly distributed throughout the area.  Then the medium tones will be hooked last.  The bird will be a cowbird. This bird who lays it's eggs in another's nest and leaves them to hatch, while she goes on her way.  She somehow looses my respect as a Mother but for some reason nature has decreed her actions and perhaps if she is a poor mother bird another would be better to raise her young.

Our daughter's cat is 30 feet up in a neighbor's tree and hopefully he doesn't believe he is a bird or superman..... and we are awaiting her son to return home from a storm filled weekend fishing trip with the Scouts. The larger the family the more excitement.

Wishing you a calm week following the storms.  May you continue to rug hook through life's ups and downs.            

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