Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Designing from a Photograph

West Virginia continues to bloom and the skies continue to go from sunshine to black!

More storms are heading  our way this evening.

OK, WHO put water in the tub???

Pip kitty loves the claw foot bathtub that I have upstairs.  He happily jumps in it when I am up there.  This Easter we had family visiting and Pip had a surprise.  He jumped in the bathtub and got his feet a bit wet!

A photograph has been selected for my next rug. The photo was first enlarged on my computer to poster size.  I use grayscale print and I also used the erase feature around the background so that there would not be an excess of black toner used.  There are some programs that have a "coloring book" feature and that is indeed ideal.  Taking it to be enlarged is another option.  That for me is an hour away and this time I choose to do it myself.  Everything is taped together and taped down.  I find the center and mark it on the pattern and the foundation material.  Using the suggestions of the Rug Hookers list on Yahoo, I purchased the material (Sediment Shield) at Lowes to transfer the pattern. In this store it came in 30 foot roll. ( Let me know if you need some :O) Today I need to look at the photograph a bit and complete the transfer on to rug warp.  The size has been selected, the added 4 inches around the foundation material added.

   The line you see is paper protecting the draft board from my markers!

      May each of you have a safe week, may the wind and storms miss you completely, may the water stay out of your basements and your roof stay on your homes.    

Happy rug making!

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