Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hearts Abound

Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours on the 14th!

Keep in mind the many rugs we have seen with the "heart" theme.  A background of muted swirling hearts, heart in hand, all different colored hearts.
So my wish to you is a very wonderful magnitude of hooked hearts day!

The weather today is white...and with the wind and 20 degree temp it is a swirling white.  We've had such a mild winter for 2012 here.  The walks have been cleared, the wood carried in, the electric is still on and we have satellite tv, and internet.  It's been a good Saturday for February :)

The prodded chair pad that I have made using recycled wool felted sweaters is finished.  The design was no intentional design, rather just swirl lines.  Working carefully due to running out of sweater material....I didn't utilize a hit and miss method.  I worked directly across one side to the other @ 180 degree angle to use a small bit of control. Some of the wool is recycled cashmere . Once released from the frame it is done.  No finishing work with this method :)

So from cashmere loving Pip and I....hook on (or proddy, or crochet, or...... :)


Rugs and Pugs said...

Lee ~
What a great prodded mat!
Happy Valentine's Day.
Pug hugs :)

leLoops said...

Thanks Lauren!