Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ferry Cross the Ohio!

Mother's Day Excursion!

Happy Mother's Day to you!

Sistersville West Virginia still has a Ferry running.  It's a wonderful experience and over too quickly for me. My Revolutionary War ancestor owned a Ferry and Tavern, and though I don't have either, the Ferry ride is wonderful.  This day we took the Ferry and ended up in Sardis OH for a wonderful home cooked meal at Marv's. I hope all of you had a lovely day as well.

My sister and I are looking forward to attending the Open House/Rug Show/ & Store at the Cedar Lakes Rug Camp in Ripley WV this Wednesday. This will be her first visit there and I hope to have her as a roommate at the rug hooking camp next year.  Lunch is on the schedule ( ok, I really enjoy other's cooking for me!). I look forward to seeing the new rugs and patterns.

Get someone else hooked on rugs!  Happy rug making!

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Mr. Taylor said...

A ferry ride sounds like a perfect day! I hope is was as beautiful on the river today as it was here in Cleveland. Happiest Mom's Day to you.