Thursday, March 10, 2011

Neglecting Shirley!

What a pleasure the past week has been for me.  The sun has been shining and the earth was warmed a bit and I notice that smiles come so much easier to my face and heart.

Shirley has been feeling a bit neglected.  I'm a member of the West Virginia Daughters of the American Revolution and attended a meeting this weekend.  I love history, heritage and tracing my ancestors.  If you like mysteries and haven't dug in to the past you are missing one of the best mysteries written.  I have a Grandfather who was a Tavern Keeper and Ferry owner, another Grandmother who came to the US when she was 16 to work in the potteries.  The television program concerning tracing your ancestors airing now is truly interesting....but they are leaving a bit of the research being done out!  Most of the time you do not walk right in and find what you are looking for.  When you do it is indeed a wonderful link in the mystery.

My winter house project was pulling up my carpet in my entrance and after all the staples, carpet tack strips are out..getting down to the pine floor.  It had been painted one coat only...amazing since the house is over 100 years old.  I decided to leave it as is, with the wear and tear way of honoring history once again.

Then there is the hooked rug that will someday be there!  I'm not certain if it's Shirley's home or not.
Now reason #? for rug Shirley's neglect..... Pip's showing you his stress fracture on his front paw.  The splint will be removed this Monday! He's always been a kitty in flight..we think there must have been a rough landing at some point. Please note that he is standing....he and I speak often in that manner.

I went in search of more wool to continue working on Shirley.  I need to over dye some I have to have a bit more of the black/darker material. Tomorrow I'm planning a rug hooking day, perhaps a bit of dyeing....and from looking at this photo there will be some pulling out in Shirley's future (umm, and mine!).  I need to stand back and look at her...whether it's in my living room while I'm reading, or watching tv.  Getting back and away from the work  gives time to view and perhaps even change the direction you are going in.....I don't naturally know.  I have to work to get there.

The Ohio River is flooding and we are to have snow.  Our home is on a hill and away from high water, but to those who may not be, where ever you may live, my thoughts are with you, stay safe.

Whatever you do, do it with heart!  Hook on....

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