Monday, March 21, 2011

A Bit of WV Green

Hens and Chicks (our version!)

West Virginia Green begins!

Good Morning!  There is a bit of WV green showing this morning.  Thunder and lightening, occurring through the night, helps the grass turn green! The meadow you are looking at will be hay in June. My husband is out working repairing the fences this morning. Spring work is underway! 

I placed a bit of wool strips and shiny ribbon in a suet feeder and this morning it's moving in the wind so it's a bit of a blur.  The birds are arriving and it's a pleasure to see their colors outside our window.

Shirley's gam
After over dyeing some recycle wool the other day I'm back to working on Shirley.  I needed a visible difference between her front and rear legs so that's my goal for today.  She is made of many many different wools.  The hooking is more interesting due to my instructor's suggestion of S's, circle's, diamond direction of hooking.  I'm looking forward to getting to the greens and force myself to complete Shirley first.....that way I hook faster :O) 

Prayers for those throughout the world who are dealing with tragedies.

Today Pip and I wish you a Happy Spring and Happy Monday and Happy Hooking!

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