Sunday, February 13, 2011

Betty Davis Eyes for Shirley!

"Betty Davis" eyes!
Good sunny afternoon!  I mentioned "oh poo"(aka Shirley) earlier.  Her "Betty Davis" eyes are compliments of a class with Bev Conway that I attended at Cedar Lakes camp.  Even though this will be a walk on rug the most that could happen is that her eyelashes get worn off! I have fewer now that I did when I was younger too.  Once the wool was pulled through the foundation the wool was then fringed.  If her name hadn't already been Shirley I'm certain I'd have called her Betty.

I've started working on her again and am enjoying the wider cut (a 9) and faster hooking. Hand drawn, she'll never be perfect, and that's what I love about her.  I'll hook and look and make changes when the need arises.  I stand back often or even utilize the camera and computer to see things better.  You can do that with a door peep hole that you get at the stores if you cannot get back and away from your work.  
oh poo progress :)
Looking forward to getting further along with this one. I'm using us some recycled coat wool and enjoying the process.
Where the hooking happens!
  As you can see this is Pip's favorite places to rest! Well one of them.  He is like an elephant....he can go where ever he wishes! Do you recognize what he is resting on?  This antique was from my husband's ancestors.  The chickens roosted on it, well probably other critters as well over the years.  We had a Plexiglas top cut to fit and I have a light down inside along with a few antiques. 

And last but certainly not least, here's a photo of my dh with the working dogs, Mick and Mate.  The temperature had gone to 3 or so and he was ready to go feed the cattle.

 So from all the critters large and small..we wish you well!

Hook what you love!


Karen Buchheit said...

Shirley looks fantastic! I was in your class at Cedar Lakes last year when you started her. I loved 'oh poo' then and even more so now! Great job

leLoops said...

Thanks much Karen! That was a fun class wasn't it?

Miccosukee said...

Glad you added your blog link over at the Yahookers board. Otherwise I would have never known about precious Shirley.

I have never made it to a rug camp yet, but the closest I did come was to Cedar Lakes a couple of years ago. It sounded so much like fun! It is definitely one place I want to attend.

Keep up the work and keep letting us see how you and your life goes. It is great to learn so much about other hookers since I hook pretty much alone.


leLoops said...

Hi Trisha. It is a good camp to go to. Many great instructors. I hope you get to attend some day. Even when you are hooking alone there is someone else doing so, ummm, many at the same time!

Mr. Taylor said...

I love the whimsey you put into your rugs, Lee. Delightful!

leLoops said...

Thank you Mr T!