Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cat on my Lap kind of Day!

 Good afternoon!  The good thing is that we have no ice happening here right now. I'm still struggling with loosing a sister in law recently to ovarian cancer.  She's ok now and in no pain.  The sad is still with me and my prayers ongoing for her husband and children.

This is one of the larger rugs that I have done.  It first started out as a walk on rug and then morphed in to one only to hang.....I got a bit carried away with the sculpted behind :O) and prodded the rug at her feet, and added a piece of wool hanging down...that was made with two wool strips and a wire glued in between so there could be shape to it.  And here's the story:   One of the very first rug camps that I attended was a smaller one on a mountain in PA.  There were probably only 6 or 7 ladies in my class.  One of the gals had been a rug hooker for longer than I.  This day I remember her in a summer long dress....getting up to walk across the elegant was she...then I noticed the wool hanging from her tush!  Of course after that I noticed that whether it was jeans, skirts, or shorts rug hookers had on we "never leave wool behind". 

Deanne Fitzpatrick design

Nova Scotia Morning
In the Fall of 2009 I had the good fortune to travel to Nova Scotia to take a class from Deanne Fitzpatrick.  Her new store was wonderful, and what a fun class she holds.  The rug that I completed on the left is in the home of a very good friend of mine.  She loves blue and fell in love with this one.  As soon as I saw her face as she looked at it I knew it was hers.  What good is living if you cannot bring joy to those you care about? I also have to tell you that spending the time in a cabin with a group of rug hookers rather took me back to high school and band camp!  After my shower I found 3 underarm deodorants in my kit....all looked like mine too!  Now ask me what I did.......of course I took the new one!

Smile as you hook!

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