Wednesday, January 18, 2012

the kitchen table

The cat's out of the bag......
 Letting the cat out of the bag comes to mind when I think of my husband's surgery :)

First and most important, surgery went very well TBTG.

Years ago I was told that one of my Great Grandmother's had her appendix removed on her kitchen table.  Successfully I might add.  That was not an unusual occurrence for the times.

The present has seen such advancement in medicine.  My husband had major back surgery and was released to go home (3 hours away) in less than 48 hours.  From a caregiver's and wife's point of view I feel that was too soon, especially since I was driving on icy roads for part of that trip.  In fairness we could have stayed at a hotel but my dh was determined to go home and his driver complied. 

I wonder if the future will resemble the past in that soon surgical med teams will come to you ...though perhaps not by horseback. : ) ?????

Long time friends arrived with wood ...cut it ....stacked it.  I can now keep the home fires burning until dh can do so.  Heartfelt thanks to friends and family who made this experience easier.

This week one of my Williamson/Waggoner cousins sent me hours of her research files on the Waggoner line.  I've saved and will she has done so with me.  The research must continue on this line as there is a missing always!  If you enjoy mysteries, delve in to genealogy.

#rughooking....I finished the hooking on the border of my rug.  I also found that I did not have the dark wool yarn that I thought, so a quick query to Ali at Kindred Spirits and found my match.  I will use a very small cord so that it doesn't extend above the thickness of the rug height , wrap it with foundation towards the top side of the rug and then will use heavy duty thread to hold it rather than pins.  (Pins and I don't work well together).  I always lay the rug on a flat surface to whip it.  Always.  You are able to see how well the rug is laying when you do it that way...if you pull the yarn too tight you have waves, too loose...well is just too loose :)
There are pros and cons on cording but when used it enables me to keep the whipping uniform.  Ummmm like Frank S, ...I do it my way.

I hope your winter is going well.  Yesterday it was near 50 degrees on this WV ridge and this morning it was spitting snow.  There is always something waiting for me to do here, a book to read, meal to fix, genealogy mysteries, and rugs to hook!

How is your winter going?  Please let me know!


Julia said...

I'm glad that you husband had a successful appendectomy and is back home recuperating. I almost lost one of my brothers when his appendix bursted after he was sent home from hospital without an operation. They misdiagnosed him.

How nice of your friends to prepare firewood for you.

Doing the whipping your way seems sensible. I hope that I remember that on my next whipping.


Rugs and Pugs said...

Lee ~
So happy to hear hubby's surgery went well!
Please show us your rug when done!
Happy hooking.
Pug hugs :)

leLoops said...

thank you both...
and yes I will indeed post a finished picture.
happy hooking...keep warm!

Heidi said...

Glad the surgery went well. Best wishes to Cliff for a speedy recovery. I've been there, and agree that a little more time in the hospital would have been welcome....for everyone involved. Love that pic of the two of you! It goes from warm to snow here, as well, but it makes for an interesting winter that is not all that bad. Let's home for more of the warm :) Peace and hugs!

Heidi said...

...or hope for more ;)

leLoops said...

Thank you Heidi...I'll take every good day we have where roads are clear and travel safe! Hugs to you.