Saturday, October 29, 2011

....just a Chili day....

It's definitely Chili today! The soup will soon be on and then I decide whether to bake cookies or wool and onion skins!  Less calories with the latter :)
When shopping in Lancaster I found a lucet.  Now I had heard the word but did not know exactly what it involved.  Loving hand made and woods I couldn't resist this hickory lucet.  Research was necessary for the historical value....the lucet was used by the Vikings.  The result is a 4 sided very strong rope that had many various clothing, in work, jewelry, etc.  Though easy to accomplish, small enough to carry along with work is ummmm a tad uneven.  Now I have to be on the look out for an antique version!
Here are a few UnFinishedObjects on my bench.  What a joy it is to take rug hooking classes and learn, but with most comes the "next" project to complete.  Complete them I must ....then there are the patterns that are dancing in my head....

Reversed hooking, or pulling out, is necessary as I stand back, look and realize that there is no other option. The grass is being reworked, Joe's hand will be rehooked, and then I will start on the second antler.

Enjoy your weekend....may you get some rug time in!


Courtney said...

Very cool lucet. I've never heard of one before. What are your plans for the ropes? I'm so fascinated!

leLoops said...

Hi Courtney...I plan on holding my jeans up with this first attempt!I wanted a not so bulky way to do so and this looks like what I wanted :) I can see cords to hold pendants, or the bracelets that the youth of today wear. But I can also see finer yarn and hooked hair around a face on a rug just for fun. I saw online someone made a mug rug by sewing it in circles. It seems like rug hooking, anything you can think it :)

TheCrankyCrow said...

I vote wool and onions AND cookies! ;o) Looks like you have some very ambitious projects going there....and looks like you're an amazing hooker! I'm in a funk these days - and need to get out of it....I committed to at least one more Christmas stocking this year....Love the lucet - I had never seen one before either! Did you learn the technique on line as well??? Oh yeah - I need something else to get into.... ;o) Happy Saturday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Rugs and Pugs said...

Lee ~
I'd not heard of a lucet, either. Very interesting!
I love how you've displayed your UFO's. Hung like that they already look like works of art.
Hugs :)

leLoops said...

Robin, ty but the word "amazing" applies to those who taught the word "determined" might work for me . The shop did demonstrate, but by the time I got home I decided to check for video's so I did indeed learn on line.

Lauren, hi! The rugs are there as reminders yelling..."me, take me next!" I too appreciated your choice of the challenge favorite on your blog.
Happy weekend!