Friday, July 8, 2011

Pushing Towards Completion

Good Friday morning to you and yours.  On this ridge the storms are passing overhead, but the cattle are calm.  Thankfully there is no scent of a visiting black with white striped critter who has been just too near for comfort lately.  I hope they soon realize that there is simply too much activity here for their comfort and go on to a quieter neighborhood!  If "they" stay around much longer I'm going to have to name "them".... that is too familiar for my comfort!

I'm pushing myself to complete one of the three rugs I have in progress.  The photo isn't a true color representation due to the flash. When this rug is completed a photo from outside in natural light would be better.  Looking at your rug in natural light is always better.  This rug will be finished w/o binding or whipping, simply because of the feeling that that is the way to complete it.

This rug happens to be mine!  I am near completion with rugs for all our children.  Other work has been done in between, but the rugs, with their names on the back will be done with one of the unfinished rugs still in progress.

The closing photo is a sugar maple that has out lived it's life span.  I'm wishing it a graceful goodbye with this post.

As always your comments are welcome. May you pull a few loops today...

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