Saturday, December 11, 2010

Story Rugs

Reg's Truck
Rug hooking has a beginning; in necessity, in usefulness, in creativity.  All of that...but each rug has a story to tell, about the man or woman who designed the rug, who hooked the rug.  Even when you hook another's design, you choose it for a reason, for a person, or simply because you love the feeling that the design brings to you.  

     My brother's version of art is his modified Ford truck.  This rug was begun in Carol Kassera's class in 2008.  Her wool was utilized and the design was the photograph that you see to the left.  Only minor changes were made. For instance, the tree on the right was there but moved closer to the truck.

     The river in the photo is the Ohio.  Her color changes as the weather does! 

Hook what you love. 


Gayle said...

what a great rug! did you give it to your brother when it was done?

leLoops said...

Thank you Gayle! Yes, he has the rug and when he attends car shows the rug goes with the truck :o)