Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2011 May it be a Happy and Healthy New Year!

We are soon to welcome in a new year and some do resolutions.  I believe rug hookers have rugs dancing in their minds!  I keep a file and in that file you will find all kinds of scraps of paper with sketches of ideas on them! A bit more organized and I'd have a sketch pad near, so that may be one of my New Year's resolutions!

And dreams!  Oh the rugs I have in my head.  Some will be done, some may not...but the pleasure is in the thought.  Over the Christmas season I managed to do one Christmas coat pin, and a couple of mug between a stomach virus and Christmas gatherings!  I found a wonderful hand made wooden Noah's Ark in the Artisan's Store in Sistersville WV.  I'm sanding it more, because that's what I do....and it will be gifted to my great granddaughter Kate!  May it last for her lifetime and on to others!

The future for me holds:  proddy mats and chair pads; proddy rug; a rug hooked for a son of mine from a photo.  "Shirley", a large walk on rug started at Cedar Lakes with Beverly Conway last year needs completed as does another rug begun in Nova Scotia.
Shirley (with her Betty Davis eyes :o)

Please share what is on your list of projects to do....or ideas dancing in your mind! 

Happy Rug Hooking New Year!

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